Annoying Screen Issue: Phantom Touches?

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Hey Guys!


Got a replacement Surface (I'm running a Surface Pro 4) about 4 months ago for a screen flicker issue.  Over the last week or so, I've started to get this odd problem which is not only annoying but interrupting work flow.  It's not constant, but once it starts it won't go away for a while.  It acts like someone is touching the screen in the lower-right portion.  The mouse won't really work, the rest of the touchscreen goes haywire (like someone is holding onto multiple spots on that lower area).  I get these weird bubbles popping up (managed a screenshot):

Screen Error 2-6-2018.png

It will go away for a while once I hit the power button (sleep mode and then back on); sometimes 10-20 minutes, other times longer.  The only change I've made recently was installing Esri ArcGIS 10.6, but I ran 10.5 on my last Surface with no issues so I don't think there would be issues with the new version.  


Anyone else having this issue?

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Hi there, that does sound frustrating. The Surface team recently released a tool that can repair specific issues automatically, so you could try running that. It's called the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit and you can download it from this support page



Did you find a solution?
I got rid of my ghost rings (but not the dead spots) from solution found here:
Has this helped anyone with dead spot on their screen?
I tried the toolkit and it did not help.