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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Surface Laptop 3 & Dock 2 - External Display Problems

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Has anyone else had nothing but issues with external displays on the Dock 2? I wish I could return my Surface hardware (thank god we only have two users on Surface equipment) and replace it.


Dock 2 is running the driver/firmware contained in SurfaceDock2_SEMMforDock_Win10_17763_20.054.29469.0.msi


Some common problem (solved with one or more disconnects & reconnects of dock to laptop):

  • display will not output picture
  • display output is a test color pattern
  • Image problems on the display (1/3 of picture is shaking)
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@0xDECAFBAD I am having a similar problem on one of my two external monitors. My Dell U2410 works fine with the Surface Dock. My Dell P2419H does not work. I've swapped cables and ports on the Surface Doc 2 with no effect.

@BaronKasI'm also using Dell P2419H monitors but I've had the issues happen on another old non-Dell monitor as well.