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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Surface Laptop 3 (13-inch i5) bad Microsoft exam experience

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I just tried to use my new Surface Laptop 3 for a Microsoft Exam via Pearson VUE. It was a very bad experience.


The microphone wasn't recognized in the pre-checks, so I bypassed it using a 3.5mm mic which I unplugged as soon as the check was complete. I was still able to talk to the proctor without issue using the built-in mic.


When the proctor checks were complete, he closed the chat window. When the exam environment loaded, the whole laptop locked up. The timer was lagging as it counted down and the touch pad was almost unusable. It took about 30 swipes to move from left to right on the screen and it was stuttering as it was doing so. The fans were not ramping up, and the laptop wasn't getting hot. No other apps were running.


I had to use the touchscreen for the majority of the exam, which was fine for the checkbox answers. There were a lot of drag & drop style questions which were nearly unusable. It took about 25 seconds per selection to do these as I had to use the touch pad. As I selected them and moved them it was stuttering, lagging and the selection itself was flashing.


This slowed me down considerably and added extra pressure that wasn't needed. I find this  disappointing considering how much I paid for this laptop, and the fact that the Microsoft exam experience was so bad on Microsoft hardware.


Not sure if I just caught the whole thing at a bad time, but I really don't want to schedule another exam until I know this is fixed.


The good thing is I passed :)

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