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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Surface 3 laptop hardware issue

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I have just returned a brand new Surface 3 laptop bought 2 days ago. It kept turning itself off constantly. Tech support at the HQ of the store I purchased it from spent considerable time trying to diagnose the problem over the phone. In the end it was diagnosed as a hardware problem not a software. This is very disappointing for a laptop of this quality which surely cannot have passed stringent quality control tests (assume China). 

I hope my replacement next week is going to be OK.

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hi Mikej56 , i am Brain M , i am a new moderator to ms tech support . so i will be helping you with your issue today

the surface laptop 3 turning off issue can be resolved by doing this advanced startup.
before you do an advanced startup , i would like to ask you some questions
1) did you reset your surface
2) did you try an usb recovery image .
3) did you try force restarting the surface
if you did try this . try doing the advanced startup by going to settings<recovery<advanced startup<restart .
if this works or doesnt . mail me to ( ) . thank you for reaching out to the microsoft surface tech community. waiting for your response .