New Office 365 licensing options for Surface Hub

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A new Microsoft Teams Meeting Room License is now available on Office 365.
For Surface Hub owners, this new license is great news -- it joins other Office 365 licensing options to help maximize your productivity and improve your meeting experience.


The new license is called ‘Meeting Room’ (SKU Part Number: MEETING_ROOM) under the SKU code: 6070a4c8-34c6-4937-8dfb-39bbc6397a60.


The complete bundle includes the following services:




MCOSTANDARD (0feaeb32-d00e-4d66-bd5a-43b5b83db82c)



MCOEV (4828c8ec-dc2e-4779-b502-87ac9ce28ab7)



TEAMS1 (57ff2da0-773e-42df-b2af-ffb7a2317929)



INTUNE_A (c1ec4a95-1f05-45b3-a911-aa3fa01094f5)



MCOMEETADV (3e26ee1f-8a5f-4d52-aee2-b81ce45c8f40)


When you purchase the new Meeting Room license, you will immediately have access to the full Teams bundle features and the ability to turn them on or off, as shown below:



This new SKU will allow existing Surface Hub customers to begin migrating to a modern platform, making the upcoming transition to Surface Hub 2S even more seamless:

  • No Exchange Online license is required for Meeting Room Mailbox.
  • Customers can run both Skype for Business and/or Teams with the full conferencing feature.
  • Customers can utilize Surface Hub’s preferred management tool with Microsoft Intune.
The transition to the new Meeting Room license is easy and immediate – no downtime or heavy PowerShell-lifting required. Customers that have already assigned other Office 365 licenses to a Surface Hub can now switch to this licesnse -- without losing any functionality.
If you’re creating a new Surface Hub account, this license greatly simplifies the set-up process. After creating the Exchange Online Resource Mailbox, you no longer need to run the Enable-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet from Skype for Business Online Management Shell. Assigning this license to the account (via Azure AD PowerShell or Office 365 Management Portal) automatically enables the account for Skype for Business Online and/or Microsoft Teams.
Remember that if you’re using Skype for Business as your preferred Communications app, running Enable-CsMeetingRoom has special features, such as Meeting room prompt for audio and Lobby hold, that you may want to preserve by running this cmdlet for new accounts.


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Is this license also meant to be for other Teams Meeting Room devices, like Lenovos or Logitechs?

@Ivan Unger Yes, this license can be used for the entire range of Microsoft Teams Room Devices.

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Today, with a Skype room system, when we try to assign a Phone Number (OnPremLineURI) , it fails if the object is defined as a meeting room (after enable-CsMeetingRoom). So each time we needed to assign a Phone number (after the meeting room was defined), we had to destroy the object (down to removing it from the AAD Recycle bin) and recreate the Exchange Room Mailbox, enable Skype for Business, assign the Phone number and enable it as a Meeting room.


With this new license, will this get easier ? As you mention that there is no need to enable the meeting room any more, will this have an effect on assigning a Phone number ?

Thank you


FYI: We are full SFB Online and use CCE for telephony integration ... Moving to Teams Direct Routing as soon as the real Media Bypass is available ;)


@Koen Van den Broeck  - The new license may not make things easier for traditional Skype for Business Online users; if you want the device to have the full Skype Room System features (lobby behaviour, etc.) you will still need to run Enable-CsMeetingRoom for that account.
If you don't run the Enable-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet, the account will still function (and you'll be able to easily assign a Line URI to it...).
If you need to assign an Online Line URI for a new account - the best option would be to set the Line URI before running the enable-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet.

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When will Meeting Room for GCC be available? I do not see this listed on the M365 roadmap

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Do we also need the additional Whiteboard license to use the new whiteboard app with surfacehubs or will it come bundled?




@LukeLawrence There are no additional licensing requirements for Microsoft Whiteboard on Surface Hub. Microsoft Whiteboard is a core feature of Surface Hub and is already installed on the device.


Are Trial Licenses available for this SKU? If so, where can I find it?


@Carla_Calucci Yes, 30-day trial licenses are available on every tenant. 

In the new Office 365 Admin experience, go to Billing, Purchase services. Then search for "Room" in the search box:


Room License.png


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Am I right in saying that Surface Hub's and Skype Room Systems/Microsoft Teams Rooms don't require AD Premium?  
What if my Surface Hub is in a dynamic group?  What if it has a conditional access rule in place for it?  Is it then purchased as an add-on to the MTR licence if required?


These things don't appear to be part of the new licence and therefore I'm just trying to source information around all this.  


We haven't had any success using the Meeting Room License with MTR devices.  I've detailed my experience here:


Is this expected behavior?  Everything works correctly as long as I license with E5.

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I’ve been testing the hub 2S on the 365 environment. With the meeting room license the hub always show available in the start menu. Scheduled meetings that the has has accepted do not show. When I switch to full office premium license, scheduled meetings show in the start menu. Is that a known issue?


@mellol - Is the account created as a Room mailbox or a standard user mailbox?

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@Yoav Barzilay 


Hi, Yoav:


I had to buy the Meeting Room License for my surface Hub 2S device. But now I want to use Office application like word or powerpoint on my surface Hub 2S device for that O365 office license is required?


Hi @AMPL_Support 


Use of Office apps on the Surface Hub requires no additional license.

Can someone explain why we should drop our A3 or A5 licenses for this new license when the room ksu is more expensive than our current A5 licenses?

I currently do not see any advantage in using the new SKU.




@FrederikLacroix All that's being said is that we've minimized the license requirements for the Teams Room Meeting account to only what is required. Anything else will be overkill. Therefor, if you have another way of identify that same requirements with that same SKU go for it. If for some reason it isn't enough, then consider ensuring you have the right license configuration for that room account. 



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What other 365 licences can be used with the Service Hubs ie can an E3 licence be used?




@edusf03 Yes, E3, E5, etc. can be used.

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why people would chose e3 and e5 for the surface hub if they can get for cheaper Teams Meeting Room License? 

is there any restriction or improvement to have the e3 or e5 licences? 

or should be a good idea to put a ems e3 or ems e5 licences for better protection? or its over kill?


thank you for all the great information that you did provide :) 




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Great update @Yoav Barzilay preview option will help a lot in making it easy to understand for end users

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