Introducing Surface Enterprise Management Mode and System Center Configuration Manager Support for SEMM
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First published on TECHNET on Jan 16, 2017
Several months ago we released Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) , a solution for central control and management of Surface UEFI settings on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices. Now we're announcing a new option for deploying and managing SEMM in your environment, System Center Configuration Manager.

The new Configuration Manager deployment path streamlines the deployment process into a simple two-stage application deployment. The first step is to place the required SEMM assemblies on the Surface device by deploying the Microsoft Surface UEFI Manager. Once the assemblies are present, you can deploy, manage, or remove SEMM all through PowerShell. You can find samples of scripts for many common SEMM management tasks from Sample PowerShell scripts for managing Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) in the TechNet Gallery.

Find out more about the Configuration Manager deployment path in Use System Center Configuration Manager to manage devices with SEMM in the TechNet Library, including a walkthrough of a SEMM deployment PowerShell script and application deployment with Configuration Manager. You can also find more information about the standalone, Windows Installer (MSI) based deployment option for SEMM using the Microsoft Surface UEFI Configurator tool in the Enroll and configure Surface devices with SEMM and Unenroll Surface devices from SEMM TechNet Library articles.

Download the Microsoft Surface UEFI Configurator and Microsoft Surface UEFI Manager from the Surface Tools for IT page in the Microsoft Download Center.
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