Field Learnings: Surface System SKU Information
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 06, 2018
Updated 11/12/2018:  Added SystemSKU for Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2

Hi, my name is Scott McArthur and I am a Senior Supportability PM for Surface.  Today’s blog is a discussion on using System SKU to identify specific Surface models.

There are various scenarios where you might need to identify specific Surface models for some type of action.  In the past the SMBIOS variable System Model could be used but sometimes that is not enough to differentiate devices. For example, the new Surface Pro (Model 1796) and Surface Pro with LTE Advanced (Model 1807) have the same System Model, Surface Pro . So, if you wanted to do some type of action only on one of the models, this is where you would need to use the variable System SKU to differentiate between the two.

The following table shows the devices where you need to leverage System SKU:

Device Model System SKU
Surface 3 WiFI Surface 3 Surface_3
Surface 3 LTE AT&T Surface 3 Surface_3_US1
Surface 3 LTE Verizon Surface 3 Surface_3_US2
Surface 3 LTE North America Surface 3 Surface_3_NAG
Surface 3 LTE Outside of North America and Y!mobile In Japan Surface 3 Surface_3_ROW
Surface Pro Surface Pro Surface_Pro_1796
Surface Pro with LTE Advanced Surface Pro Surface_Pro_1807
Surface Book 2 13inch Surface Book 2 Surface_Book_1832
Surface Book 2 15inch Surface Book 2 Surface_Book_1793
Surface Go Consumer Surface Go Surface_Go_1824_Consumer
Surface Go Commercial Surface Go Surface_Go_1824_Commercial
Surface Pro 6 Consumer Surface Pro 6 Surface_Pro_6_1796_Consumer
Surface Pro 6 Commercial Surface Pro 6 Surface_Pro_6_1796_Commercial
Surface Laptop 2 Consumer Surface Laptop 2 Surface_Laptop_2_1769_Consumer
Surface Laptop 2 Commercial Surface Laptop 2 Surface_Laptop_2_1769_Commercial

You can use the following PowerShell command to pull System SKU:

gwmi -namespace root\wmi -class MS_SystemInformation | select SystemSKU

You can also find the System SKU and System Model for a device in System Information. Just type MSInfo32 in the Start Menu search field.

One example of how you could use this in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) or System Center Configuration Manager is part of a Task Sequence WMI Condition.  For example:

  • WMI Namespace – Root\WMI

  • WQL Query – SELECT * FROM MS_SystemInformation WHERE SystemSKU = "Surface_Pro_1796"

Hope this helps with your Surface Deployments.

This field learnings blog written by Scott McArthur, Senior Supportability Program Manager

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