Windows 10, version 1709 for Surface Hub

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When does the next version of Windows 10 version 1709 come available for the Surface Hubs?

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I was hoping to find out last week, or at least get a look at the roadmap and expected features under NDA, but sadly neither materialised.


Currently the Insider previews are still on early builds of 1703. Going by past experience though:


Anniversary Update (1607)

  • Windows 10 (PC)
    • Release (RTM) - 28 July 2016
    • Targeted - 2 August 2016
    • Broad - 29 November 2016
  • Windows 10 (Team)
    • Targeted - 13 October 2016
    • Broad - 29 November 2016

Creators Update (1703)

  • Windows 10 (PC)
    • Release (RTM) - 30 March 2017
    • Targeted - 5 April 2017
    • Broad - 27 July 2017
  • Windows 10 (Team)
    • Targeted - 11 April 2017
    • Broad - 27 July 2017

Fall Creators Update (1709)

  • Windows 10 (PC)
    • Release (RTM) - 10 October 2017
    • Targeted - 17 October 2017
    • Broad - TBC
  • Windows 10 (Team)
    • Targeted - 14 November 2017
    • Broad - TBC

So in short, deduce what you can from that! Given there are rumours of an announcement at Future Decoded for Surface Hub on 31 October/1 November, it might be that they announce details for Windows 10 Team there.


But either way, don't expect to see it hitting most Surface Hubs for a couple of months yet. Expect targeted release (and most likely the use of the Insider rings finally) maybe within 2-4 weeks, and broad sometime between December-February 18. That's literally all guess work based on the above.


Edit: Added release for Targeted ring for 1709

Edit 2: Strikethrough... not sure who is at fault (CW or MS) but has been removed from Targeted ring

I guess all the stuff at Future Decoded next week will be some more info on what we know from Ignite and this week's roadmap release. Maybe we'll see the Whiteboard app for other Windows devices.

So imagine my surprise following the monthly security email from MS when I check ChangeWindows and see that it is reporting that build 16299 (Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update) has just been released into the Targeted ring for Windows 10 Team devices (Surface Hub).


Specifically, 16299.64, which is the November CU for FCU.


Given last time the Targeted ring had very limited scope (en-us devices based in the US, and even then it was limited to identified device partners I believe) I'm not sure we're going to see this out in the wild much, if at all.


I'll check tomorrow and see if this is being released into any of the Insider Preview rings.


Edit: Looks like CW may have jumped the gun or made a mistake (or maybe MS did... who knows) but they are no longer showing FCU available for Windows 10 Team, and are instead showing the November CU as the current Targeted ring release (15063.726).


Some really interesting things they've added though:


  • A feature update that enables users to dynamically select an application of their choice when opening a file.

Heard about this being in testing, but wasn't sure if it was going to get a release.


  • Performance fix that improves cleanup time as well as Miracast connection time.

I really hope this gets a few users off my back about Miracast!


So no FCU yet... we wait patiently for news!

@Daniel Hudson, I heard from a Microsoft Tech that they are dropping the regular releases for the Surface Hub like FCU and will bundle in new features with regular update rollups so that changes will happen more regularly than with big updates.  I've noticed a few small things after some recent updates.

If this is the case then I'll be honest, I'm disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, I can fully see why Microsoft would do this for such a sensitive product that can't afford much downtime (CU's are generally safer updates, quicker release of needed features that don't have to wait until full feature release every 6 months, closer control of Surface Hub specifics), but I do still get quite a bit of joy from getting a new feature update and marvelling over the new shiny goodness!

I was so looking forward to seeing the first parts of the fluent design language come to Surface Hub. Kinda feel like we've been robbed of that if it's true :(


Edit 06/02: I've now corroborated this both at the Tech Summit and elsewhere. 1709 is not shipping for Windows 10 Team and Surface Hub. Microsoft are instead focused on bringing features for 1709 and beyond into 1703 for Windows 10 Team via monthly cumulative updates.


Less risk involved, doesn't require risky build deployments, and most of what shipped in 1709 doesn't provide much benefit to Surface Hub.

When can we start deploying and testing Fluent Design prototypes on Surface Hub?


We need the Fall Creators Update (1709) on all Surface Hubs please (or at least the ones in Studio H).


I am an administrator on the one in Studio H/32 and can install it manually if it is available / compatible.