WhiteBoard functionlity missing from Creators Update on Surface Hub


As the title says, we have the Creators Update on our 55" Surface Hub, but the Whiteboartd app is still very much the old version.


I have seen the video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8tX10VIgq0&MC=Windows&MC=BusApps&MC=OfficeO365) which demoes the full functionality - when can we expect the full update to be avialalbe? Will it come donw as part of  a further Windows 10 update or as a single app update?


Any info appreciated




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It's not on mine either - I believe it will be available in an update soon.

I was disappointed not to see it in the update.  When you look at the Whiteboard app in the store, it shows the new images, click Launch and it's the old one :( Hope to see it soon.

me too. I hope to see it on my Surface Hub soon. 

Same here...most of our Hubs are updated, but no new Whiteboard app....A decent amount of time was spent on it in the Mechanics video, so it would be good to know when it's coming.

I was at a Surface Hub partner today and their hub had the new whitebaord app. Time to check for updates

Hey, It should come down in an update post Creators Update - we just got it today, its pretty cool!20170622_005623381_iOS.jpg

It showed up on ours today as well.

Hi all, whiteboard updates are app updates that happen automatically and continually, they are not linked to major Windows updates, such as Creators. You should be able to see the new whiteboard now.

Thakns Nydia, have it on ours now.  Just need to work out how to do add the 3D images from the search feature open the whiteboard :)

Thanks for all the responses - we now have the updated app.


However I would point out that at  no time during the video presentation linked in my original post was it ever made clear that the WhiteBoard app update was a seperate feature from the Creators Update - it was presented as being part of the update - MS should be a bit more clear in future to avoid confusion