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Where did Cortana go?

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We recently purchased our first Surface Hubs, and after going through the initial setup of the devices one of our CIO's favorite features was Cortana.  After it installed a few rounds of updates though, we can't find cortana anywhere.  She's still mentioned in surface hub documentation online, but as best as we can tell she was removed from the hub when the v1607 update was applied.  


Anyone know how we go about re-enabling the feature?

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Can you share where in the Surface Hub documentation you've seen mention of Cortana?
We're a Surface Hub reseller and I've been working with them for a while, but haven't seen anything to do with Cortana.
Also Cortana relies on the individual account to personalise the experience, and the Surface Hub is a group-based device. The only individual log-in is specifically for Office apps.

First result on bing for Surface Hub Cortana is:


It was definitely working in the out of box configuration, with (I believe) Windows 10 v1511 installed.  After the updates, the only mention we see of cortana is in the location settings, where we can enable location sharing per app.  


Interesting, I'll have to play with it on my Hub. Although it does say it's not available in all regions.
Where are you based?
I'm in Australia, so while we have Cortana on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 desktop, we don't have it on the Xbox One or Android, so I'll see if it's available on our Hub.

Central US.  

Oh, well I'd hope it would be there!

Hey Guys,


For those that don't know, Cortana was removed with the most recent updates. It was there before the updates applied to the Hub and gone after they finished. There was no public announcement, one had to call into support to find out. The decison to remove Cortana was per Microsoft.