VLC won't install on my surface

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I use VLC player, as the normal video player on my surface RT windows 8 - will not play all video files.

Recently microsoft updates i suspect has wiped some of my apps including VLC and the standard video player.

Can anyone suggest why, what video player i should try to install now to play various video file formats / codecs

how can i get vlc onto my surface again....

I have tried to download VLC off the windows store again but it is not installing or responding.


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This is a forum for the Surface Hub. You're better off posting this to one of the following:


However it is worth noting that VLC has recently updated to support 64-bit architecture and it may well be that 32-bit support has been dropped.


Likewise, Windows RT mainstream support ended on 9 January 2018, so you're likely out of luck and would need to consider purchasing a new device that supports a newer operating system (Windows 10 Home/Pro/S).