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Usage scenario and other tricks

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Hi everyone, I was looking for that kind of community for some time!


We own 2 Surface Hub (55 inches) and so far, we love them a lot. We are trying to push that device for many of our conference room. Users are using it a lot and starting to give me some feedback.


What I am looking for is actually a bit of information about how to use it and a place to share ideas and problems, I do think that this place is the right one.


So let's get started:

  • I have heard about assigning a E4 Office 365 license to the device so we would be able to call outsdie de company using the Hub. Anyone have an explanation on how to do it. I guess that it will be done in Powershell but I am not sure as I am not at the end of the admin console group and that I don't have access to it. I would need a little bit of explanation to give them to the admins.
  • We are facing a problem projecting the screen on the Hub using some computer models from HP (running Windows 7). I don't want a solution here ( we have a case opened with MS, and HP doesn't want to put more work on the case), I only want to know if there is others facing the same issues. On G2 and G3 laptop computer from HP, we are unable to project the screen. We are using the Intel WiDi software (which is discontinued by Intel). We are able to get at the point where we have to enter the PIN from the Hub but even after entering the from the Intel software but the Hub will never show the PIN.
  • Talking about the PIN, it could be great to have an option to display a PIN EVRY time a user is trying to projetc it's screen. Having the PIN entered only once per device mught be a good thing for some but having the option to ask fro it each time, could reduce the impact of projecting on the wrong screen.
  • Some of my cowerker here are asking why they are not able to attach other document than PowerPoint in meetings, is there a way to bypass this or it is something looked at?

Sorry for all the information in this post and let me know if I should put that info anywhere else!



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You can require a PIN to Connect wirelessly to Surface Hub. The setting can be triggered 3 ways:

1. Logged in as admin, you change this in the Windows Settings menu (this is best for configuring a handful of devices)
2. Using Windows Image Configuration and Designer you can add the same setting. Windows ICD builds a PPKG file and that can be installed within Settings while logged in as an Admin (this makes sense if you're bringing several into a build or imaging lab, then moving/shipping to conference rooms)
3. Using MDM tools (Intune, Airwatch or Mobile Iron) which effectively call the same components as Windows ICD and configurations are applied when the Surface Hub is enrolled in MDM.

At the moment, the best information to learn about configuration options and tools is here:

We're also building more content for Microsoft Mechanics, which we'll publish in the coming months. Here's a great overview from Paul Barr on the Surface Hub team if you haven't already seen it:

Hi Jeremy, thank you for replying to my post.


For the PIN request, I knew how to do it but the thing is that once a computer put the PIN for a Surface Hub, that computer will be able to project on that hub whitout being asked for a PIN another time.


The result is that the user could project somehting on the wrong Hub.


The idea is to have the option to ask for the PIN at each connection rather than once per device per hub.



This has been submitted as a feature request, to not cache the Miracast pin.