Unable to login to Device Management

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I'm trying to login to Device Management on our Surface Hub 2s and I keep getting an error stating something went wrong. We've triple checked everything to ensure it is exactly the same as our other Surface Hub's and it is, but this one will not allow me to login to Device Management with the Device Account we created. Anyone experience this issue before and how did you fix it?


I've attached the error message as reference.



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Have you tried doing it with one of the other device accounts that works on the other Surface Hubs? Should narrow down if it's this Hub or the account.

I presume you've checked the obvious, such as making sure the Hub has an active internet connection and the device account has an Intune license?

@Daniel Hudson It was a licensing issue! Thank you for your suggestions!

I had the same issue with our Surface hub
What was the license issue and how do you fix it?
Hi, may I know how you able to resolved this?