Teams Live Event not full screen on Surface Hub

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Hey all, we've come across an interesting bug on our Surface Hub (v1) today trying to host a Teams Live Event in one of our conference rooms. We're able to connect to it but it only takes up about 1/5th of the screen and only at the left or right most edges. There's no button at the top to maximize the window, only a double arrow icon that will switch it from one side of the screen to the other. What's especially odd is that this issue does not replicate with a normal Teams meeting, only on Live Events.


We've also tried dragging the edge of the window towards the center of the screen since we do get the double arrow icon like when you're trying to drag window edges on a normal desktop, but there's no effect. We're also unable to drag the window away from the edge using the top bar.


Is anyone familiar with Teams on the Surface Hub devices? We've reached out to our AV team at another site but so far we haven't heard back.



Mark Bonneaux


(originally posted to the MS Teams Answers forum here Teams Live Event not full screen on Surface Hub - Microsoft Community, reposted here based on Moderator feedback)

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