Surface HUB provisioning

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I'm trying to make the Surface Hub provisioning to work, but I'm not sure how it should go. So perhaps here I could get some advices?

When I do have the provisioning package on the USB I get the device to read it and it also finds my package. But somehow I thought it should be go throug the process without interaction. But it still ask "Enter Device Account info" etc...


Reason to looking for this provisioning is at first disabling the 802.1x (Network Access Control).


As the disable 802.1x does not work, but also those unexpected questions I thought the provisioning package does not work correctly.


Does anybody have any experience from the provisioning process?

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Hi Petri X,


802.1x can be disabled on the network, not on the Surface Hub. The Surface Hub is ready to connect using 802.1x if it's requested by the network.

In regards to the Device account, you will need to have the .csv file configured as described in this article: 




Oh, interesting!


But do you mean that settings on the configuration designer does not do the same?

Windows Team Settings


That designer I'm using also to disable the 802.1x. See on the same page topic DOT3.


So the DOT3 instructions are to configure the 802.1x profile that will allow the device to connect to a network that requires it. If the network doesn't, you don't need to do anything. Also, note that this is for the wired configuration.

As to the device account, the settings you mentioned will not work. Please follow the process I shared earlier.


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Yes, you are correct about the 802.1x profiles, but that also gives possibility to disable the whole 802.1x, as that seems to be the best start on our environment.


Yes, I'll try with the .csv files, let see does it bring any lights.


But I'm not sure do I understand you correctly: "...the settings you mentioned will not work...". How do you feel they are not working? On that same page it describes the Advanced Provisioning. And that in my mind should support the configurations.