Surface hub Pre configuration via Provision Package

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I have noticed on the Surface Hub technet that :

*Settings supported with SyncML can also be configured in a Windows Configuration Designer provisioning package.



It seems that Bowserr/Homepages is supported with SyncML but I cannot find the parameter in WCD.


I downloaded the last version, I am working in Advanced Provisioning and I looked for in All parameters (not only on team edition), but nothing under Browser or Policies/Browser. I looked for different words like Homepages, DefaultWebPage and so on but nothing would fit.


Is it hidden or named in a different way that I would not properly identify ?



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Very good question.


In you case you need to create a specific ICD package for this settings.

ICD is designed to create configuration for one CSP at a time.                                                                                                                     

The browser/Homepages settings is not in the Surface HUB CSP. We use the Windows 10 CSP for that. The Microsoft docs page might not be very clear on that point we only have a title that imply that we changed CSP.


Therefore in ICD I usually create and advanced package and choose “All Windows Desktop editions”:

(see picture : ICD configuration.png)


Then If you go in Policies tree you’ll find the settings you were looking for.