Surface Hub NFC sign-in

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Is it possible to configure NFC cards for Surface Hub sign-in, if so how?

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Hi Lochlann

Not that I've seen. As far as I'm aware the NFC reader is there for third-party developers to take advantage of, but I've not seen any practical application of it so far.

Surface Hub 2 has shown a fingerprint reader in the promo video ( that allows automatic sign-in.


Hi Dan,


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We currently have Surface Hubs on our estate, however they are Azure AD managed, meaning that SSO will refuse to operate.  This is taking away the core reason why we invested so much in these units, but it's taken away by this sole issue.  Seems a shame that MS have not taken advantaged and allowed O365 accounts to authenticate using NFC cards (every company already has them for building access now).


Big improvements with the Surface Hub 2, however I have a horrible feeling that our estate of Surface Hubs will be left in the dust.

Hi Lochlann,


Indeed, the NFC was never intended to be used for authentication but to transfer URLs or documents easily from your phone. Authentication can be done with Easy Auth.

NFC cards are so 2000's. You can see in all action movies that stealing a badge can grant you access so not a good idea when you can access confidential documents in this way.

In regards to SSO, it is a known limitation when it's AAD joined. You can join it to a local AD instead and SSO will work just fine or local account.

We've got Authenticator sign-in set up now without our org (Surface Hubs are AD joined, but organisation is hybrid with AAD) and it works an absolute charm! Much easier than entering passwords and fairly quick and easy.