Surface hub joins Azure AD, but not with name I give it and reports wrong OS

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As part of a new job, I inherited management of some Surface Hub V1s  A couple of them needed to be reset because it lost trust to the domain.  When I reset it (multiple tries), I give it a device name and sign in with Exchange account that it was using before (which works if I login via browser so account is OK).  When it tries to fire up Teams, I get an AUTH0006 error, Device credentials could not be retrieved.  It also is unable to see its schedule from Exchange.  I have another Surface Hub V1 that reset the same way and everything is fine on it.  I looked up the two accounts associated  in Azure Active Directory/Devices and compared the reported devices for them and found two major differences:

  • The name appears in AAD as SH-<string of numbers> instead of the device name "Boardroom 306" that I gave it.  The working hub displays the device name Boardroom316 that I gave it.  On the device itself, the correct device name appears in the lower left of the display and in the SurfaceHub Settings.
  • The OS is listed as "Windows" on the non working hub with version 10.0.19042.1081, the working hub shows the OS as "SurfaceHub" version 10.0.15063.2679.  


I also checked the sign ins for the failing unit's account, the account shows successful logins for:

  • Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams Room Device Management
  • SurfaceHub AAD Login
  • Microsoft Authentication Broker (2 of these, 2 sec apart)


What am I missing?



John R

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Did you find a solution for this? I'm encountering the same issue.
Not yet unfortunately, If I figure something out I'll try to remember to post it back here. We're actually replacing our conference room equipment shortly and these will be repurposed so it got moved to the back burner for now.

@John_R007"The name appears in AAD as SH-<string of numbers> instead of the device name"

I have come across this issue while joining devices and this happens because the person joining the device didn't have sufficient licenses assigned.

Please check SH-<string of numbers> where the string of numbers is the serial number of the Hub. In my situation assigning the Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 resolved my issue

@PStafford Please check if this fix your problem as well otherwise provide more details