Surface hub joins Azure AD, but not with name I give it and reports wrong OS

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As part of a new job, I inherited management of some Surface Hub V1s  A couple of them needed to be reset because it lost trust to the domain.  When I reset it (multiple tries), I give it a device name and sign in with Exchange account that it was using before (which works if I login via browser so account is OK).  When it tries to fire up Teams, I get an AUTH0006 error, Device credentials could not be retrieved.  It also is unable to see its schedule from Exchange.  I have another Surface Hub V1 that reset the same way and everything is fine on it.  I looked up the two accounts associated  in Azure Active Directory/Devices and compared the reported devices for them and found two major differences:

  • The name appears in AAD as SH-<string of numbers> instead of the device name "Boardroom 306" that I gave it.  The working hub displays the device name Boardroom316 that I gave it.  On the device itself, the correct device name appears in the lower left of the display and in the SurfaceHub Settings.
  • The OS is listed as "Windows" on the non working hub with version 10.0.19042.1081, the working hub shows the OS as "SurfaceHub" version 10.0.15063.2679.  


I also checked the sign ins for the failing unit's account, the account shows successful logins for:

  • Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams Room Device Management
  • SurfaceHub AAD Login
  • Microsoft Authentication Broker (2 of these, 2 sec apart)


What am I missing?



John R

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