Surface Hub - Duplicate devices in Azure AD

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We've got around 35 Surface Hubs. They are all Azure AD joined, but I now want to manage these centrally from Intune. After enrolling them into Intune, a duplicate device is shown in Azure AD with the same device name. Both seem to continue to work and log against the recent activity field.

Can anyone explain why this is, and how I can resolve it? Do others see the same behaviour?

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@Matthew Page This is not a reply to your question.  Do you have a setup guide that I Can foloow?

Hi, I've not written a setup guide... What issue or questions do you have? Happy to talk you through how I did it.

Still looking for an answer to my query if anyone else reads this.

@Matthew Page,


Are the devices joined or half registered? 

When a user signs in to access "My meetings and files" the device will be registered to his account and unregistered when ending the session. 

Best if you open a support case to look into this


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@Matthew Page  One Of the Surface Hub cannot see the SFB meeting attendees ? it is keep connecting loop?