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We have multiple surface hubs on location which we configure via Intune.

We have a device configuration policy that contains the url to the background. 

The background is a .png shared via a https link.

We used the recommended setting:


All hubs are complaint within Intune and have successful received the policy containing the background setting.


The problem: not all hubs changed their background image. Most devices changed the background but not all. So far I can investigate, there are no differences between the hubs. 

I tried to sync the hubs, rebooted the hubs. Nothing seems to change the background. The only thing that seems to work is to reset the device completely from scratch. 

The hubs have a working internet connection and can use skype etc. and can reach the url when browsing to it.

Does someone have any suggestions why some hubs are not changing the background?





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Hello @Dennis_Kip 


There is a known issue where the background will only be applied once. So this means that if you need to replace the background, it will not work. Can you confirm if this is the case or just the first instance?


Thank you,


@Cezar Cretu 


Thanks for the fast reply.


Thing is, when pushing the policy, almost all hubs do change their background.

It was the first time we pushed the background policy.


Except for some, 3 or so hubs, they did not change their background. 

According to Intune, the deployment status of the policy on all hubs is: 'Succeeded'.

I'm curious why these are an exception, while they have received the policy.



If i'm getting it right with the known issue, if I want to change the background again, it will not work?

Only thing we can do is set the policy, then reset the hubs?






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That's correct, you will not be able to change the background again for the time being. 

In regards to the failed deployments, we will need to look into the Hub logs to see. You can open a new case here






Are you using the same name for the .png file?

I had the same issue, however I'm using the device restrictions policy rather than a Custom OMA-URI setting. I found changing the name of the png file fixed our issue - so I alternate between 'background1.png' and 'background2.png' when changing the background.