Surface Hub - Azure AD automated enrollment

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there are several option how i can join a surface hub to AAD (Cloud Only Customer) & Intune. 

These are:

OOBE: Out of the Box Experience and Domain Join via First Run Program:

Intune Bulk Enrollments:


I´m looking for an high automated solution to deploy and manage the devices with no or minimal manual steps. As mentioned in this article:

Autpilot is not a supported option, but

Automatic enrollment via AAD join:

should be possible. 

How to use this automatic enrollment? Are there any Surface Hub specific docs / videos how this option can be used to get this devices managed by intune?



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Hi @Jakob Schaefer

You can use the Windows Configuration Designer to create a PPKG file that will automatically name the Surface Hub and join in to your Azure AD tenant.

If you have Intune Autoenrollment enabled, the Surface Hub will register itself in Intune during OOBE as part of the Azure AD join process.


So basically all you'll need is a USB stick with the PPKG file and the CSV file to choose the device names from.