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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Surface Hub 2S Edge Browser and Setting Problem

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we just received a Surface Hub 2s. However, we noticed two severe problems. 

1) The Edge browser is extremely slow for some web-pages. We have an older Surface Hub v1 84" and everything works fine there. 


2) Because of it we just installed the preview version in hope, that an update to Edge would solve the problem. However, it neither did solve the issue but now we can not even open the Settings app anymore. It asked for the username and password and then does not open the Settings app. 


Would be great to get some help on both issues. 









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have you completed the windows update for the SH2S?


you can perform SH recovery if your hub is not functioning very well

Thanks @Jon Calutan 


The problem is, that I can not even open the settings dialog. After I enter the correct password, I just get a blank screen. 

Hello @kraskat 


The password issue happens when the device is Azure AD joined and there is no internet connection available to check the credentials. Can you try connecting with the cable to an open network and check again?

In regards to the website you mentioned, given that it works well with a V1 device and we can exclude the site optimization for Edge, it might also be the network. Is this a public site or an intranet one?

Try connecting to the same network as the other device and see if there is any improvement. There is no difference between the two device versions in regards to Edge


Thank you,


@Jon Calutan 

Please note that for Surface Hub 2S, the reset and recovery instructions are here.

There are new (and better!) recovery options for Surface Hub 2S.