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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Surface Hub 2S - Bootloop after latest update

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We recently ran into the problem that our Surface Hub 2S is stuck in a  bootloop, which means that it prepares for a session but then aborts it and starts a reboot (it mentions that an update is needed and a restart is required).

It seems like this problem is caused by the latest major update (can't check the update nr. though as I can't log into the device for the reason mentioned above).

I've already tried to reset the device numerous times with the latest BMR on a USB stick - device works for some time then until this very update starts again in the background ...

Any solution for this? Thanks!

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Update history:
- Quality Update Win 10 20H2 (KB5005716) is working
- Quality Update Win 10 20H2 (KB5006670) is causing the bootloop problem

Hello @hagram1 


Please open a support case to investigate


Thank you,


Hi Cezar - where can I open such a support case? Thanks.
Sorry for my late reply & thanks for the heads-up with the support case (though I didn't need it). I've tried it with Intune (subscribed to Intune just to get this very device running again) and set the default meetings & call app mode to 0 (Skype for Business with Teams in the background), which worked out and ended the boot-loop.
Mode 1 (Teams only) doesn't work at all though it's quite funny as Teams is getting promoted by Microsoft (instead of Skype for Business) ... will there be an update in the future or do we have to stay with Skype for Business (right now)?