Surface hub 2 S open whiteboard when join a meeting and not teams


Hi, when I start up the surface hub 2 and login as user who has a meeting there. I opens Whiteboard and not the teams client. This happens when everytime.

We are not have any Exchange Onprem, the domain is cloud only. Anyone seen this behavior and has a solutions

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If I understand you correct. You hit the join button to join the meeting from the welcome screen?
- if you can join the meeting when you open the Teams app. Then it sounds like that you have not done the Active sync powershell script.

Set-CASMailbox 'Email address removed' -ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy "surfacehubs2"

@LarsBerlau Not quite.

You start a meeting from the "Join" button. As well as starting the call, it opens the whiteboard and pushes the call into the lower right of the screen. The call then has to be maximised.

I didn't click for whiteboard to open. I don't know why it's opening.