Surface Hub 1 not able to answer invited calls from a Teams Initiated Meeting

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I'm the system administrator for our company and came across an interesting issue that I think may be a bug (as this function worked before)


We have a weekly department stand up meeting every week on the same day. Users would gather in a conference room and invite themselves to the dept stand up so the entire room can be in the meeting.


Recently (I do not know the exact date this issue started as a majority of our company is remote and few users come in for meetings) when the room was invited into the stand up. The call was answered but the room was unable to connect. (From the Surface Hub side please see the picture below.)







From the Meeting side the room would ring until it would time out and hang up. But from the Hub it would look the same as it looks above. Our company has multiple surface hubs and this issue occurred with all of them.


Some trouble shooting steps I checked to cover my bases.


  • Rebooting the hub/app

  • Uninstalling/Re the Teams app on the hub followed by a reboot.

  • Resetting the App from the applications page on the hub.

  • Checking for application/hub updates on updates/windows store updates page.


One note I will add is I noticed anytime a meeting is initiated from a Team Meeting creator the same issue happens with this hubs. (Example Below)









However the issue will not occur if I myself create a meeting in calendar and invite the Hubs.




Any advice is helpful.


Thank you.

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