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Hi All,
we have a surface hub into the office,
and we have a little problem with its utilization.

we have an Office365 account...

We can open Microsoft Edge on the surface Hub and browse the internet.


We would wants to save bookmarks and change the opening page.

we know that Hub is based on sessions and, when it logs out you loose any settings.

Can you try and help us out with this?



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Sorry, I can't think of anything that is possible other than creating a "landing page" you can access with a short URL.

thanks... and...


can we set a permanent user profile setup which is logged in- i.e. like a windows account?



No, this is against the design principle of the Surface Hub.
If you want that, then you are better off investing in a PC and a touch screen.

Another information...


Understand if the session staying logged in does not work – as it’s based on sessions. However, I would expect the bookmarks feature to work.

we should be able to login to the Surface Hub (using a OneDrive or Office365 account) and it persist his settings...


I attach a photo....



I see your logic, but that's now how the operating system works as it's a specific version of Windows 10 that doesn't have all the features. So maybe one day in a future update, but that's not how it works now.

You can use an MDM solution to set your home page(s) and manage those other settings.  I have successfully tested this with Intune and Airwatch.  I don't recall see anything about managing bookmarks, though.  I'm developing a Surface Hub home page that will contain announcments, a FAQ and links to frequently requested bookmarks, like OWA, and department - specific resources including sharepoint sites.


Thanks David,

We will try this solution ...





we are looking for options to setup home page in surface Hub. please let us know how we can enable that

See my earlier post.  Develop and host an anonymous access page, use MDM to point your browser home page to that page.  That should do it for you.

@David Phillips Yes. we have enabled home page, but when we click on new tab it default points to MSN home page not the page which we mentioned in the home page. we have connected to Intune and applied the settings through intune