SH1 devices (20H2) revert to Skype overnight

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I'm having trouble with many of our SH1 devices. Overnight they seem to lose connectivity and revert back to Skype. I also cannot login using just my short name like I used to. It says cannot access contacts. (pic attached) Now I have to click on use Work or School account, put in my full email address (two times I think) before I can login. I read that 20H2 was supposed to fix the Teams selection issue but they have updated and the issue persists.


I'm relatively new to my team and SHs aren't "my" product but they have been broken for at least 6 months. Luckily, very few people are here on-site; maybe 10% of capacity. My colleague tells me he has a ticket open with Microsoft, but here we are, sitting on 10s of thousands of dollars of equipment that doesn't work.


Here' the thing though:

Unplug from ethernet and they maintain their connectivity and preference for using Teams.


I believe we have the accounts configured incorrectly for our environment but I just don't know where to start...

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Hello @bobnotblob,


The issue seems to be related to network disconnects. If Teams loses connectivity, Skype will take over as the backup calling app. Unfortunately, Teams doesn;t return when the connection issues are fixed.

I would best investigate the matter with the network team. If you need help on this, please open a case and an engineer will help you with the log analysis to provide to the network team


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Thank you @Cezar Cretu, I'll suggest to my team that we investigate with networking.