'Scheduled meetings' not showing?

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First time post, so hopefully in the right place..  We've just bought a 55" SurfaceHub, and it looks and works great but we're experiencing one big problem.  When inviting the SurfaceHub to a meeting (resource booking) or Skype meeting, it's shown in the calendar and accepts the invite automatically.  However when walking up to the SurfaceHub and clicking on 'Scheduled Meetings' it states there are no meetings for the rest of the day....  Any ideas?

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Does it show in the Surfaces own calendar? As in if you open the calendar from your own outlook is your meeting showing in there?

Yes, when reviewing the calendar within Outlook - all the meetings are there...

Just to update this thread, we found that the device account for the SurfaceHub was being quarantined - once this was identified and made exempt, it worked as expected!

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We are having the same issue on a Surface Hub. When you say that the device account is being quarantined, what do you mean? I have seen active sync devices quarantines but, this device is a domain joined device.


Any assistance would be appreciated.





@Anthony Wicks 

Hey Anthony where was it quarantined?


Thank you!

@Letsdoit I'm having the same problem, but I don't have anything in security & compliance quarantine.