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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Record of skype meeting - record of whiteboard fails?

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I have an HUB running latest build.

If i join from my laptop to the skype meeting - i share the screen from the HUB. (I've tested with 2 different Windows 10 client devices - same thing - it works randomly)


Then i can see HUB's whiteboard and everything is great.


I now want to record this session from my PC and this usually works.

But its 50/50 if i get an error on my local PC " Due to an error the presentation will not be included in the recording" and the recording now only holds the video feed from the surface hub camera.


Reboot the surface HUB and it works again.

At random it breaks and reboot the hub again and it works.


The hub is completely stand analone, cloud only, no policy, no special apps installed, recently reset to defaults.


It smells bug?

Step 2 will be to upgrade to the insider build to see if its fixed - but i have to wait a weekend before i have the downtime to test this.


( I have ordered the avermedia box - but i would like something that works out-of-the-box as well)

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Hi Dennis.


Hard to tell on the face of it. To me this sounds more like an issue with Skype for Business on your local PC.


Skype for Business on Surface Hub just joins the meeting as a client (either P2P if it's direct, or the virtual meeting room if 3 or more, or a planned meeting).


If you're recording from your laptop and seeing an error, this indicates the issue is on the laptop side. If it can record but is sometimes not getting the screen, this may be an issue with Skype for Business Server and the connectivity between the Surface Hub and the SfB Server.


Either way, you'd likely need to raise the case with MS and provide logs.