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Without getting into the "why's" of it all....


I have a conference room with a Polycom system installed.  This system has been in the room for nearly a year.  It utilizes a Polycom Real Presence "base unit" and, in the room itself, a Polycom Real presence touch screen (a small 10" or so screen that sits on the conference table).  The room has an O365 account that is linked with the Polycom.  The little touch screen displays calendar info and allows users to join a meeting by touching their meeting on the Calendar.


Now, (in place of the old TV that was in this room) we have a 55" Surface Hub installed.  Since the Polycom system isnt going anywhere, the plan was to just use the same O365 account on the Surface Hub.  So far, all has worked well.  The surface Hub has been used primarily and the Polycom is now a redundant "backup" if you will.  For display purposes, the Polycom is connected to the HDMI input of the Surface Hub.


----Here is the issue.  If a user is using the Surface Hub and someone touches (on purpose or inadvertently) the small Polycom touch screen on the conference table, that little screen wakes up and sends a signal to the HDMI on the Surface Hub.  The Surface Hub then interrupts whatever is going on and seems to launch a "connect" application that displays the Polycoms screen in a new window.  It isnt switching inputs, just launching an app that shows the HDMI input.  The user can click the app display button ....{[]} and close this out but I would prefer it never happen in the first place.  Any way to stop this from occurring with hindering any other operations on the Hub?

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Hi Mark

Assuming that your Surface Hub is running the Creators Update (1703) then you can turn this behaviour off by going to Settings > Surface Hub > Projection and turning off the 'Open Connect automatically when someone projects' option.