Problem with HDMI-connection on Surface hub

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our Surface Hub want connect to HDMI. Nothing happens when connecting to HDMI.
We have recently performed a device reset:

(not sure if HDMI-connection worked before reseting.. I guess not)


We also have a problem with Windows update. We get the error code:  0x8024402f


Any suggestion on fix?





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Hello Kjartan,


Performing a reset is great as we can dismiss any Connect App issues.

Is it only the HDMI port? 

Did it ever work before?


You can do the following tests:

- Try a different HDMI cable (a short cable, bypass any HDMI switches, desk ports and so on)

- Try with a different laptop

- When connected to the HDMI port, toggle the Video input button (under the power button, side panel) until you see HDMI showing on the bottom right corner of the screen. 


If there is still no image after this, you should open a case with Support as the issue might be hardware. You can check for damage to the port, especially if the Surface Hub is on a rolling stand, as sometimes users roll the device away with cables attached.