Microsoft Tech Community Live: Surface Edition
February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Our new video is here: Enabling richer teamwork experiences with Microsoft 365 and Surface



When you decide on a new personal device, your decision criteria will probably revolve around its' speed and performance and ultimately, around your own personal experience with it. But what if that device, by design, not only bolstered your individual productivity but through its engineering, also fostered new levels of collaboration with the people that you work and interact with?

That's the goal of every Surface device we develop, and combined with Microsoft 365 teamwork experiences across Office 365 and Windows 10, we want to help you achieve a richer and higher level of collaboration.

Collaboration by design

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Across the Surface portfolio, a common design principle is to make sure that our devices do not impede but inspire your creativity and collaboration. We want you to be able to interact with your Surface device in the most natural way possible. With Surface, you can position your device in the way that makes the most sense for you and use the ink and touch support integrated across the Surface portfolio.

This freedom to express yourself is also combined with the audio-visual experience. The tilt of the camera on a Surface Studio for example, promotes a more natural experience on Video calls.

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And on the Surface Hub, itself a massive canvas for remote or in-the-room collaboration, every detail including eye level placement of the Surface Hub cameras, ensures that remote participants feel like presenters are directly addressing them.

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Using Microsoft Teams as your collaboration hub

Marrying the device experience with Microsoft 365 teamwork experiences is where collaboration really comes together.

If you haven't checked out Microsoft Teams yet, it provides a persistent, chat-based environment that smoothly integrates with your other apps in Office 365. Rather than having to launch multiple apps, as Nydia demonstrates on today's Microsoft Mechanics show, you can easily access your different Office 365 experiences without ever having to leave Teams.

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Teams provides a centralized location for the various interactions that you may have with co-workers, including your chats, calls, meetings and files. All of the files and content that are stored in SharePoint carry forward its' security and compliance benefits.

Microsoft Whiteboard App

Among the Microsoft 365 teamwork experiences demonstrated, the Microsoft Whiteboard App, which can be launched directly from Microsoft Teams, takes collaboration even further on any Windows 10 device.

Along with the touch and ink customization you've come to expect from a digital whiteboard, new capabilities include adding sticky notes to your shared workspace along with stacking images to create albums during brainstorming sessions.

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And as we demonstrate on the show, the Microsoft Whiteboard becomes a useful canvas to enable both in-room and external participants

Creating spaces for collaboration

Beyond your devices and integrated software, to better inspire your creativity and collaboration, in the Surface team, we also think about the physical space where you may be using your devices. We all know the conference rooms we like and those we avoid. Work spaces count a great deal towards us producing our best work.

As we demonstrate on the show, there are specific design principles to augment your spaces and optimize collaboration with Surface and Microsoft 365. Microsoft has in fact partnered with Steelcase to provide you with guidelines on to how to arrange your space so that for example, you have easier access to your Surface Hub.

To learn more tips and tricks for optimizing your workspace for richer collaborative experiences with Surface and Microsoft 365, we encourage you to watch today's Microsoft Mechanics episode. For more on the design, experience and management of Surface devices, check out our playlist, follow us on @MSFTMechanics and subscribe to the channel for updates. And stay engaged by connecting with us or your peers on the Microsoft Tech Community.

3 Replies

Hi @Nydia Cavazos


Great video! I was really interested by the use of well designed spaces for using the Surface Hub, something that we (sadly) haven't given much thought to of recent.


Ours, like most businesses I'm sure, have retro-fitted Surface Hubs into existing meeting rooms without much thought for whether the existing furniture and layout is necessarily ideal for maximum collaborative ability. I know for sure that some of our rooms are very crowded and it's a bit of a pain getting to the Surface Hub to work on it. I'll certainly be talking to our FM teams about looking to try a new room design in pilot based on the principles shown.


By the way, how do customers get hold of, or get shown, the upcoming Surface Hub roadmaps? Is this something we need to arrange with the product group, or should we go via our Technical Account Managers (for those of us who have them)?




Hi Daniel, much of what we are doing involves a cultural change and shift in how we plan our collaboration spaces, so you're not alone in the challenge of designing the right meeting rooms. To get ahold of the NDA Roadmap, if you have a Microsoft Account team (Technical or Solution Specialist), the ideal thing is to ask them to present that to you. If you don't have a Microsoft team, then your ADR (Authorized Device Reseller) should be able to do that. Please keep in mind that any of these routes require a signed NDA. Thank you! Nydia
Thanks Nydia. I'll get in touch with our TAM as we do have a signed NDA with MSFT :)