No audio device when in a Teams call

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I just got my Surface Hub v1 setup in my home office. I am looking to start using it for meetings, but I have noticed a bug/issue when doing Teams calls, audio does not work. System Sounds work, Youtube works, etc. Sound is not an issue, but Teams doesn't recognize a device being there. I did a factory reset a few days ago, and deployed the provisioning package for the Surface Hub to enable Teams ONLY mode. The mic works and video is fine as well. 


Any ideas? 

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Hello @jeff whealen,


This is the first time I personally hear about this issue so I'm reluctant to say it is a bug. Maybe it was a misconfiguration of the audio device in Teams. The reset seems to have fixed it

However, you can try to reconfigure Teams as you had it before the reset and if the issue reproduces, kindly open a support case here  


Thank you,


I didn't have Teams on this specific surface hub before the reset of the device. I did a Recovery from the Cloud before installing Teams. 

I have opened a support case with Microsoft. I hope that they can support this device still since it is a V1.