Next Version of Windows 10 Teams

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When is the next version of Windows 10 Teams coming out?  There are a couple of apps, I'd like to use with it plus curios to see what new is coming to Windows 10 on the Hub.  I don't want to join Windows Insider on the two Hubs since they are in regular production.  Does anyone know when this next version is due to roll out?????  THANKS!

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Hi Jeffrey

Depends what you mean by next version. I assume you're talking feature updates in which case not for a while.

Microsoft have changed the delivery mechanism for W10 Team Edition while they work on it's replacement (Aruba). Currently they are packaging new features into the cumulative updates in a 'services approach', and they are delivered 1 week after patch Tuesday. Yoav explains it well on his blog here under 'Is the Hub different?':

As for Aruba, it's in development but it's a major change for Surface Hub. It will be coming to Surface Hub 2 first as it's base operating system, and Microsoft have confirmed that it would eventually make it's way to Surface Hub sometime after.

So, by my best guess, don't expect Surface Hub to get any feature updates any time soon. Microsoft will continue to seed new features as and when they are ready with the CU 1 week after patch tuesday, and the insider builds will get early access to these features.

@Daniel Hudson, I'm not sure if it is Aruba or not, but I'd like to be able to test Microsoft Teams and a couple of other apps, but our version isn't at that level and I can't run Windows Insider Builds as these Hubs are in regular production and so need a stable version.  I'm starting to get disappointed with the slow down on the Hubs and while they've announced the Surface Hub 2, I'm not convinced they are properly supporting the devices.

I understand. Yeah currently Teams is still in preview so only available for testing on the Insider Preview builds as you have said.

While I can understand the frustration, and it's not like me to normally defend a company like Microsoft, I fully appreciate why they tread carefully on implementing new features on Surface Hub.

Given the inability to roll back updates, and the very big fallout that would occur if they delivered an update that caused major problems, they have to be sure that, when delivering new features, they do not cause any problems with Surface Hubs. Given these are very visible products that need to 'just work' at all times, they can't push things that aren't absolutely ready.

I'm supporting around 38 Surface Hubs, of which 3 are designated as highly sensitive. We delay updates on these Hubs by a month for that reason. But if an update was pushed that caused problems with the others, I don't think I'd ever hear the end of it!