Microsoft Whiteboard improvements

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The UserVoice for Microsoft Whiteboard has just been updated by the Senior Product Manager, @Ian Mikutel.


Highlights of the updates:


  • Work has started on more paper types/backgrounds
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams is in progress
  • More colours and pen thicknesses are coming
  • Ability to lock/unlock whiteboards are happening due to feedback from teachers (can see this being useful in enterprise too, effectively read-only share)

Further Updates - 14 November 2018


  • Blackboard (or dark background) in the works
  • Typing support is being worked on
  • Layering (locking/unlocking items) has been delivered

Really nice surprise to see this in my inbox this morning, and good to see Whiteboard it going to get even better. Thanks Ian and the team!


Given the pivitol role Whiteboard plays on Surface Hub, I really encourage you all to get involved in helping to provide feedback to the team. You can check out the Whiteboard UserVoice, submit your own ideas, and vote on existing ones here:

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Thanks for covering this! :)
Thanks Ian. Looking forward to seeing these changes in the app soon!

I saw a demo of an NHS whiteboard app at Future Decoded last week and they had a colour picker the same as OneNote on iPad, and it works great. Fingers crossed for something simlar soon 🤞🏻