Microsoft - What on earth is going on with hardware?

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I'm hoping someone, anyone, at MS can give us an official word on this.


We have 37 Surface Hub installs now all using official stands/floor support mounts. We've tried third party stands and they've not been up to the task; expensive mistakes to be honest. The official ones have been perfect and present a great, consistent corporate image and look great in the rooms. Simply put... I want an official one, not a third-party knock off.


Now we're trying to install our 38th Surface Hub and had it delivered, but the official 55" Rolling Stand was on back order, expecting to arrive this week. Note that my £8k Surface Hub is still sat in it's box after a month gathering dust right now.


I'm now being told is that Microsoft have sold all their inventory of the stands and aren't manufacturing any more, preferring instead to 'work with third-party suppliers to create suitable stands'. I've queried 6 separate suppliers in the UK and none of them have any stock.


However, the Surface Hub tech specs page still show the stands. 


I'm also hearing from 2 of the suppliers that that MS don't even have any more Surface Hubs in stock. 1 of those 2 also mentioned that the supposed reason for this is because of the impending release of the Surface Hub 2... despite the fact they aren't expecting stock until 2019!


So what's the deal MS... are you hanging us out to dry for the remainder of 2018 while we await Surface Hub 2? Why on earth would you discontinue the existing line before we've got the new one?


I'm fuming right now...

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