Latest Update - Configure the Surface Hub Start Menu Layout

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A quick check of the Surface Hub Update History today presented this:


  • Adds ability to manage Start Menu tile layout via MDM


And my immediate reaction...


Suffice to say I know what I'm playing with this weekend!


For anyone wanting to know more, here's the admin guide page!

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Have you been able to get this written into your CSP?

So, despite my excitement, no. Mainly because none of our Surface Hubs have actually received 15063.877 yet.

I have had success with this using intune following the admin guide, ended up using the OMA-URL option as the other option was not working for me (./User/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Start/StartLayout)


the update should of been available on January 17, though. 

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I found this, looks very helpful.  I'm going to give it a try this week and report back.



Thanks for the link to y0ab's blog. We've pushed out a custom start menu this week with relevant apps and a link to our own user guide. Works great!

Good to hear!  Do you use Intune?  Do you mind sharing your code?  We're an Airwatch shop right now, so hoping to build on what you've discovered.

We're halfway between MobileIron and Intune right now, but about to go fully Intune.


Code attached (as .zip as .xml not allowed)! Note that I've removed the URL from the web-link tile, though it just linked to our in-house PDF user guide hosted on Azure blob storage.


We've also changed the default colour of the tile using the BackgroundColor="#34414D" attribute.




Edit: Worth noting we're having issues getting the web link tile to display all the time. It'll randomly display sometimes, then other times just disappear from the Start Menu. I'm going to open a case with Premier Support to look into it. @Nydia Cavazos for info.