joining a web based Zoom meeting from Surface Hub

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Has anyone attempted to join a web based Zoom meeting from Edge on Surface Hub?  I know the plugin doesn't work, I'm referring specifically to joining with the browser only version.  


I can get to the page, but the audio connection times out.  I'm wondering if it's a network issue on my end or if it just doesn't work.

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Hi David,


You can try with a mobile hotspot to dismiss any network issues. 

If Zoom is web-based only without any plugins, it should work.


Good luck,


I can join from a PC with the Chrome browser on the same network.  It seems maybe an issue specific to Surface Hub.

... but works OK with a wifi hotspot.  Thanks for the idea.  Will keep digging.

Hey, did you find a way to make it work? I think that Surface browser doesn't allow sound and video and that's the problem...

It's possible to have video and audio from Explorer Edge on the SH2S at least because you can join a Teams Meetings using the Explorer Edge perfectly. This, after you log in on the Web based Microosft Teams environment. @Pawelolchowik 

Doesn’t work with SH2. I have tried and tried to join with Edge. Sigh.

Hello @David Phillips, We, now, do support letting our users join third party VTC Calls using Browser.


Install the Modern Edge on Surface Hub latest update (which is in WIP). And let us know if you face any issues.


Look forward to your feedback.



Team Surface Hub Experiences

Has anyone tested and verified that Zoom video meetings actually work through Chromium Edge on the Surface Hubs now?

@Kalimanne J 

it does not work, i just tested it today, not even via edge browser and the current firmware

when you try it via edge, the system tells you the browser is not compatible

am also tried its not working.
the system tells your browser is not compatible.
but its working before
Any update in this ? Half my meetings are zoom I would love to be able to use the hub




Microsoft do we have any update on If Zoom will work with the Hubs?