How to rename Surface Hub name/email address?

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Before my time, this Surface Hub v1 was installed in one of our conference rooms with it's own name and email address to that users could book the room, which somehow the Surface Hub is synced up with for meetings. They want to change the name (and email address) of that room now. Looking online, it looks fairly easy changing the resource room name and email via O365 admin portal (Adding in the new email address as a new/primary SMTP and leaving the older on in there) - But i'm not sure what i need to change on the actual Surface Hub so that it matches the new email and syncs successfully when someone books the room. I believe i found the area to do so? (attached screenshots) - Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @William Lampert 


The steps that you shared are correct. The device account can be changed from Settings - Surface Hub - Device account and hit Change. 

Did you encounter any issues with this?


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I didn't do anything yet because I wanted to confirm the correct steps to successfully change what I needed to on the Surface Hub. In the screenshot on the surface hub, its prompting for a password - which since this was a resource room and not an actual user account, it doesn't have a password? @Cezar Cretu 

Hello @William Lampert,


It does actually, you can change it from your AD. 

If you need assistnace with this, we're happy to assist if you open a case with the Surface Hub team


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