How to make sure that the Configuration file is applied correctly


I created a PPKG and Configuration file for Hub2S, but the configuration file is not loaded when applied in the OOBE phase. I checked this file and found nothing wrong with it. So is the official documentation missing the necessary introduction, or is this feature not working?

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The thumb drive containing the PPKG file needs to be connected when you boot the device during OOBE. It will ask if you want to install it on the first page, right after Cortana intro (if I'm not mistaken. If I am, it's the next page).

Hope this helps.
Hi Cezar, Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I connected and applied this PPKG USBFlash during the OOBE phase, but actually failed to apply the Configuration file. I checked the naming and formatting of this file and I don't think there is an error. Are there other reasons? Have you ever practiced, been able to share experiences or screenshots.

Hello @Fan Su


We need to have a look at what;s happening so please open a service request and we can help


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It was disappointing to me that I confirmed that the filename and format of the configuration file were correct, but it doesn't look like it was called. The OOBE phase will only apply PPKG, not this configuration file. I don't know exactly why.