How to get Whiteboard logged in Surface Hub?

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how do I get the Whiteboard app keep logged in Surface hub, when we end the session on the hub or restarting the hub?

It always asks the login in the whiteboard app, although the device is logged and synced with a Office 365 account in the settings.

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The Surface Hub was designed to be a communal device so anyone can use it.


Once you end the session or restart the hub, all the personal information will be wiped out including the sign-in details on the WB.


If the WB stays logged in with a specific account, anybody can see the previous WB session and that is a red flag.

Does this mean its not possible? For those of us with a Hub in our personal offices (in my case, a home office), its far more productive to be able to keep our accounts logged in. Even last night, my session was automatically killed when it automatically installed updates (causing changes in an open document to be lost).
Correct, it's not possible (yet) as it's not what it was designed to do. Microsoft said in a blog post last year that they were likely to bring a Surface Hub to market which runs Windows 10 Enterprise (or Windows 10 Professional) so you can run full win32 apps. In this case, it would act more like a traditional PC.

Thanks @Daniel Hudson ... +2 for this option. We've purchased a couple 2S units for remote collaboration and a more unlocked functionality would make this an amazing tool over simple communal purposes. Bests - Scott

Agree. Would be helpful to get this fixed.

@SkippyV Hello, just to add some more information. I know that Microsoft is working on these new OS for the Surface Hub in order to improve the SSO login for the applications, as they have seen that sometimes the device has been utilize as a personal device not as a common collaboration device. 


Hope this will get release soon and I guess will address your needs.


Hernan Bobbio.

Do you know if anything was implemented in the meantime?