How to configure /change the start screen menue of HUB 2s

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How i can modify the start screen menue of my HUB 2S without publishing xml import files over inTunes ... because it's no working for me … i had calls with microsoft premier support - but nothing is fixed ...

Community - do you have some best practices for me? THX so much ;)

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Hello @Sales4C 


You can only do this via Intune. Have you seen this article? If so, what apps are you trying to remove and add? Can you share the case number with Premier Support? Note that the top 3 apps are not editable.


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@Cezar Cretu thank you for your prompt feedback, combined with a great year 2020 for you and your family ... (I once worked for Microsoft Premier as SPM in Germany ... so I think we already know each other ;) ?!)


Now to your answer:
Yes, I know the hint from the documentation ... I am currently using my Hub2S with local admin installation - without Intune connection.

  • so I have to register the Hub2S in Intune first?
  • I already have an XML import file ready ... and this is the problem - where and how do I have to integrate the XML file into Intune?
  • how can I push the XML file to the device via Intune and check if it work's?

Here is my last ticket number from our ticket system: 119112225000394
Thank you very much for your support - greetings from Germany!


Hello Ron,

Thank you for the wishes and I send you the same good thoughts!

In order to push the xml file to the device, you will first need to enroll it in Intune first. Once the device is synced, you can create a policy and assign it to the device as described here. If it's easier for you, I can reopen the case and work with you or ask the previous engineer to do the same.


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@Cezar Cretu hi, which (7.) Select **Device restrictions for the profile type ... i have to select in intunes?

a) device restrictions or
b) device restrictions (Windows 10 Teams)?


Why i'm asking ... with the type Windows 10 Teams i don't have the option to 'import the XML file' ...


Greetings and THX

That's correct, you should select the "Device restrictions" or "Custom" option under Profile types. If you select Custom, be sure to add the OMA-URI: ./User/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Start/StartLayout


It should look like this:


@Cezar Cretu it works !! THANK you so much ;)

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@Sales4C glad to hear it! :cool:

@Cezar Cretu 


Cezar, When deploying a custom start menu using the same method as above i see an error 'Not applicable' Struggling to get our custom layout to apply after many weeks of investigation and a fast track session we are still at square one. 


Within the overview Profile Assignment status - Windows 10 and later devices (Not applicable)


I don't suppose you have any ideas what could be causing this?












Applied the custom layout