How does the Surface hub know what to dial in an Invite? It doesent seem to understand the standard

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Hey team. Quick question here and hopefully i can make it make sence. So with the Skype for buisness Desktop client if you want to imbed a link in a calender event to people outside your enviroment (federated or open) the proper body of the email link was sips:XXXXX@XYX.XYZ and if clcked on your Skype client wold open up and dial it. 

 The problem i'm having is when people want to do this from an invite on the surface hub or other hardware thats registerd to Skype for buisness (o365) the devices dont seem to see that information to dial. AKA if you hit the meeting button to join you get an error (there is no skype meeting to dial)  So i guess my question here is what is it the Surface Hub is looking for in the calender invite to know what to dial?  I'm hopeing it's not something Propriatary to microsoft since my clients tend to need to call lots of meetings outside of their orginization so in the past they would jsut click the link in the email and skype desktop would call. With the Surface hub you cant even get to the meeting details to click that link. so your foice to manually enter it.  And this is honestly killing the ease of use of the Surface hub.  So if anyone knows what calender infomration the Suface hub is looking for in an invite to know what to dial that would be great! Thanks very much in advance.

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What it's looking for is the Skype for Business meeting details generated by Outlook and Skype for Business when you create an invite. I would say it is something proprietary as it's their hardware working with their software.
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The first attempt is by looking for TNEF metadata in the email. But Exchange strips this by default when leaving your domain/when the destination is a different domain.


The next is parsing the message body for a Join Skype Meeting link of the regular format. But if the meeting room account has DeleteComments set to false, message body will not be present in the meeting on the Hub, and so there would be nothing to parse. Please see for full list of recommended Exchange properties:

Thanks looking into this. But sounds like you really cant do one button to press across domains??

The second method I described, of the Hub parsing the invite message body, is a one button join to the meeting. Like I said, the room account just needs to have DeleteComments set to $false, and the meeting itself needs to have a valid "Join Skype Meeting" link.