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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Hide Office File Names from showing on Surface Hub

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I have some users who work with the Surface Hub and they'd like to be able to hide file names when they are presenting to protect information from being displayed in a program or on the recents list.  Is it possible?  Is it something that could be considered?  

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Are you saying that when they log into their Office app on the Hub it shows a recent list and they'd prefer to not see that? If so I would say there's little chance of that happening as it's one of the core features when it comes to end user experience for accessing files.
Yes, this is what I'm meaning and I'm sure this isn't possible, but I told my users, I'd ask.
There is a setting you'll find under Session and Power called "Access to Office 365 meetings and files" which will turn off the feature to sign in.

I'm not sure I really understand the users risk, there isn't normally a need to sign in to the hub unless you want to access your files on the device, and if you want to access your files, then, well, people will see you accessing your files. Maybe suggest to the users they present from a laptop, or attach their slides to the meeting invite, then don't sign in.