Forced to Sign-In on Surface Hub 55

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Hi All
I'm new to this forum. But hope this is the right place to ask this question.

I needed to re-image my surface hub 55 to latest Windows Team OS using SHRT Surface Hub Recovery Tool so that Teams would be the default calling program and not Skype.

The Surface Hub is shared by many staff and they did not need to sign-in to begin using it before the re-imaging, but now they do.

They used to be able to start using the whiteboard straight away and then at the end of their session, they'd share the whiteboard content via email from the conference room email account on the surface hub. (this still works on my other newer surface hub 2s)

Is there a way to restore this non-sign-in behaviour?


(I've been wondering if managing the device via Intune would solve this issue, but not 100% sure). 


Let me know your thoughts please.


Surface Hub OS: Windows Operating System 10.0.19042.1645



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Unfortunately, the Microsoft Whiteboard app that shipped with the Surface Hub was replaced with the new Unified Whiteboard Experience which requires sign-in while removing a lot of the previous app's functionality.
Moving forward, you will need to have users sign-in into the session (which is a nightmare if you have MFA) or create a temporary board that cannot be shared.
I'm hoping some of the previous app's functionality and conveniences are returned to the new app.