Font not recognized by Edge on Surface Hub

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Hi there,


I'm currently working on a dashboard for a customer who uses the Surface Hub 84'' to communicate various metrics to their executive team. 


The dashboard uses Century Gothic as the font, which I believe is a fairly standard font for the Windows OS family and IE/Edge browsers. However, when I open the dashboard in their Surface Hub's Edge browser, the font defaults to Times New Roman, and the entire design of the dashboard gets botched as a result.


I tried opening the dashboard in Edge on my personal machine (which runs Windows 10), and it looks fine, so I'm assuming it's related to Edge running on Windows Team. 


Do you have any tips on how to get this working? I did some research, and saw that installing Chrome or Firefox on the Surface Hub is not an option. 


Any suggestions would be welcome.





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Surface Hub should have all default fonts available to it as per a normal Windows 10 1703 install. However I'm not 100% sure how this works in the web browser and if it calls upon system fonts to display on the web. My understanding was there is a limited sub-set of fonts build into the HTML5/CSS frameworks, but for most sites these days developers often call/load fonts from web repositories, such as Google Fonts (