flickering issue with HDMI port

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Has anyone had any issues with a PC connected to the HDMI port?  I started getting reports from users of one of my Surface Hubs that laptops connected to the HDMI port are flickering between what's on the laptop and the Connect app.  Tried a different cable, same issue.  Doesn't happen with the VGA port.

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We fixed the problem by power cycling the Surface Hub. It's interesting that doing a restart wouldn't fix this.

I've seen this issue a few times where using power button on the side has helped.

I never do restarts so can't comment on that


Im having the exact same problem when connecting rhe pc theough the “Connect” feature. Ive done the power cycling a few times and flickering it just comes back. Its only when you hook up a pc. If i throw the hard switch to go into monitor only mode, then the flicker never happens.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you? Should i simply return the device?


We had similar issues and it turned out that there was something wrong with the HDMI port. 

We are also experiencing this problem. Power cycling the hub does clear the flicker but it is not a long-term solution. 

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For recent users, I just had this issue with a Surface Hub to which we connected an Apple TV. Found out the HDMI cable was dodgy in our case.

Just remember the rules for troubleshooting, and aim to eliminate posibilities:

- Try a reboot (rules out an app or minor software issue)
- Try the Surface Hub Diagnostic Tool (rules out obvious hardware issues)
- Try a different device (rules out it being a particular device)
- Try a different cable (rules out cable issue)
- Try a rebuild (rules out an OS issue)

Failing all of that, it's a hardware issue of some kind, and Microsoft Support are your next step:
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