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Is it possible to connect an external mic to Ms Hub?

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Yep. I've tested Polycom RealPresence Trio and Polycom CX5100, both of which were listed in the last update. There's also an analog audio in port if you want to go that route, however you need to consider echo cancellation if you do so. As long as the Surface Hub can recognize and install the driver for the connected USB device, it should be able to use that as a mic input, which gives you all kinds of options for rooms with existing audio capability.



We are currently going to be having installed the following 


BiAmp TesiraFORTE CI - https://www.biamp.com/tesiraforte-ci


Also 4 x CM-1 Microphones - https://www.biamp.com/tesira-ceiling-microphone-cm-1


In our current room the 84" Hub the Audio pickup is not great from users at the far end of the room but looking at this solution it is tailored for Surface Hubs so going to try and see if an improvement for the Audio Experience



How did the TesiraFORTE integration work for you? Did you use the USB or analog connections to the Hub?




Hi Kris


We went for the Solution due to previously we had all Polycom HDX Codecs and a traditional Room Layout where users would sit at the back of the room


We have slowly gotten the users to change their way of working and now use the Hub for Collaboration but some of  the Larger Meeting Rooms have required additional Microphones and Speakers to be installed


We have had 4 Installations of the TesiraFORTE Solution into our offices


We have used the TesiraFORTÉ CI and USB input


They have been used with the 84" Hubs in Large Meetings Rooms


Currently we have setup with 6 Microphones from BiAmp using the


https://www.biamp.com/tesira-ceiling-microphone-cm-1 - CM1-6W 


This solution works well but is costly to purchase


You need to make sure that the Table Layout is located beneath the Microphones to get maximum pickup for Audio


In another room which is currently being spec up to use the following Microphones, Audix M3 - http://audixusa.com/docs_12/units/M3.shtml


Main requirement has been due to the Room Layout is changed daily by the moving of tables, we need a microphone that can pick up speech from multiple users


We have found also in Larger Rooms that the Speakers on the 84" is not loud enough so have had installed Ceiling Speakers with an Amplifier and this has helped users that are located in the back of the room to hear the Conference Clearly


Any questions please ask





Thanks for the detailed reply. I'm glad to hear the TesiraFORTE product is working well for you as I am an employee at Biamp. Have you considered using the Biamp Devio product with Surface Hub for smaller spaces? We find it works well for about 8 person meeting spaces.




Feel free to call our support number if you'd like to talk further about TesiraFORTE or Devio.




Devio is a collaboration tool for modern workplaces that brings Biamp's full conference room audio and video to smaller spaces. Devio can be used with any di...
Hi Kris

Will take a look

Many thanks

Hey David.

I guess you plugged in the devices via usb? Can you tell me if the Polycoms take over completely, or does the Surface Hub mic/speaker continue to work as well? Thanks!