Creator's Update for Surface Hub?

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MS blogs and lots of news outlets reported that Microsoft would be releasing the Creators Update for Surface Hub on April 11. Does anyone have an update on when that will be available, or if it's rolling out in waves, or if there's a way to get it for testing immediately? Or has it just slipped, and there's a new release date coming soon? Very much looking forward to the updated features and capabilities in this update for our Hub fleet.

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Side-bar: does anyone here actually have Creator's Update running on a Surface Hub, or are we all waiting?   Thanks - didn't know if it's just me. :)

I was told by MS that Creator Update for Surface Hub was delayed for a few weeks.  Very much looking forward to the new UI improvements.

We were finally able to get the update, but only on one of our devices. And not all the features are there.
It shows as an available update, but when you try to install it, it disappears. Very frustrating.
When we opened a ticket on the issue we were told they are only allowing so many downloads per day.
The one we finally were able to install doesn't have the new whiteboard and we can't seem to get two-factor auth working.

I am having the same issue on my hub, that answer from MS is crazy.


The update has just shown up on our WSUS server so i might just point the Hub at that and deploy it that way.

We had this same thing happen, we have about half of our Surface Hubs with the update, but some of our locations still havent gotten it. 


The Whiteboard will be an app update through the Surface Hub app store coming mid to late June. I would assume that the 2-factor auth will be a month end update either for June or maybe July 



I have it on my test device now.  I can tell you that it's great.  I'm having an issue with connecting logged in users to their on prem mailboxes (online seems to work ok) - other than that, I can say that it's a huge improvement.

Regarding connecting to user mailboxes with Creators Edition - I have been informed by Microsoft that it is not supported for on prem mailboxes.  The Surface Hub will connect to an on-prem resource account, but the logged in user's mailbox must be hosted in Exchange Online.