Connecting stand alone SH to existing on prem room

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I have another new SH ( we are in a Hybrid deployment my Hubs are 365 / Azure resources)  and I want to "attach" it to a legacy (on prem only resource) existing room so that the room booking automates the SH booking as well.


Does that actually work across Hybrid? On prem/Off prem? Anyone done this successfully?



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Hi Mike,


you´re running Skype and Exchange in Hybrid already? I think it would be best to move the the Surface Hub Account to the Cloud. On-Prem User will be still able to book the room as usual.


- Christian

That's kind of two questions...


We are currently in co-existence while we migrate and will be for another 6 or so months.


My Hubs all are Cloud only - my on premise, non 365 users cannot directly invite the hubs to a meeting, they don't in fact show up at all in my on premise GAL - that's one problem.


So all my meeting rooms exist in my legacy on prem exchange, I can't migrate those yet to 365.

What I want to do is link the hubs with the rooms so that when the room is booked the hub is also directly booked.


I cant find a way to make that work in the co-existing world I'm currently in!

Hi Mike,



if they don´t show up in the GAL for the On-Prem users, there might be another issue in you Hybrid setup (incomplete Sync)?


Is On-Prem and O365 still seperated? (It sounds like :) )


By default, external senders (your On-Prem) won’t be able to book a resource account inside your company(Office 365). To allow your Hubs to be booked by external senders, you need to run the Exchange command in PowerShell for each Surface Hub account you could use e.g.:

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings <Hub_mailbox> –ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $True


Be careful with this, as this will also allow other external senders to book the rooms.


Here is a good guide on how to setup Exchange Hybrid:


- Christian